The hessnatur foundation is a non-profit
and independent foundation.
Our Foundation’s purpose is the research
and development of applied Sustainability.

The Team

Rolf Heimann

Chairman, Sustainability Pioneer

In his soon to be 30-year career as a Pioneer within the field of textile ecology, Rolf Heimann developed environmentally friendly, biodegradable coloring systems and coatings for textiles as well as having lead his own Consultancy for the ecological optimization of textiles. After over 12 years of managing the Corporate Social Responsibility department at Hessnatur, Rolf received the founding order of the hessnatur Stiftung. As the chairman, he is an expert in applied sustainability and guided the business aspect of the foundation strategically as well as operatively.

Carolin Bohrke

Concept, Strategy, Communication

Schooled as a Business Manager at the University of Mannheim and graduate of the Master Programme “Sustainability in Fashion” at the Esmod University Berlin, Carolin Bohrke is responsible for the hessnatur Stiftung’s subjects of sustainable strategy and marketing. Prior to her work at the foundation, she was part of the Corporate Responsibility department at hessnatur with the responsibilities for interdisciplinary e-commerce and marketing projects as well as creating the Partner platform “New Creatives” for sustainable young designers.

Ariane Piper

Materials & Certification

Ariane Piper is a Cultural Studies Scientist with expertise in Dialogue, Design and education in sustainable fashion. Her approach is to analyze diverse subject matters such as production requirements, alternative consuming, global collaboration as well as design possibilities of the individual from different perspectives. The mediation of reshaping and of alternative solutions build the fundament of her work. At the hessnatur Stiftung Ariane Piper is involved in the fields of CSR, Labels, social standards and materials.

Julia Rosenschon

Project Manager & Marketing

With academic degrees in Business Management, Marketing, International Marketing and yearlong experience in the sustainable fashion industry, Julia Rosenschon supports the hessnatur Stiftung in the areas of marketing and project management. Prior to her work at the hessnatur Stiftung, Julia Rosenschon was responsible for the field of marketing at hessnatur.

Carolin Becker-Leifhold

Network Manager

Carolin Becker-Leifhold studied business administration and sustainable economics with a focus on sustainability management at the University of Kassel. She is currently doing her PhD at the University of Ulm. In her PhD thesis she investigates collaborative clothing consumption as a means for the sustainable transformation of consumer behavior. As a network manager, she supports the application and the implementation of PPP projects in the hessnatur foundation.

Petra Katzenberger

Auditor & Processes

The Graduate in Business Management has 20 years of experience in national & international commercial enterprises, in different staff and management positions. After years of working as a purchaser for Textile assortments, she shifted her focal point in 2007 towards the subject of sustainability, social compliance, and management systems. Petra Katzeenberg is a trained SA 8000 Lead Auditor SAI, ISO 14001, certified systematic coach and trainer as well as possessing vast foreign experience in Asia.

Nathalie Börner

Strategy & Product Developement

Nathalie Börner has studied textile engineering. In her bachelor thesis she developed concepts to save resources in the garment industry. She has working experience in product development and the production of garments and technical textiles. Currently she is completing her master’s degree in clothing technology at the University of Applied Sciences Berlin with focus on sustainability. In the hessnatur Stiftung she supports mainly strategy concepts and consultant request for the establishment of ecology and social standards.

Dr. Alexandra Woithe

Policy, Chemical Management & Fibres

Dr. Alexandra Woithe completed her doctoral thesis at the University of Bremen. Her area of research focused on the transformation capability of the clothing and textiles industry related to the shortage of natural resources. She has worked with several fast fashion retailers.

Alexandra also supports the cooperation with academic institutions, such as the AMD Berlin.

You would like to support our dynamic and competent Team with your  professional expertise? We are looking forward to your application:

Our advisory board

Apart from formal tasks such as the voting of the Chairman or the examination of the Yearly Report, the advisory board holds responsibility in strategically consulting the Chairman as well as contributing with pioneering proposals in relation to the Foundation’s mission. To fulfill these important tasks, our foundation had the privilege of attaining five individuals who remarkably fill in the occupations of our advisory board.

SommerMarc Sommer (Chairman)

Managing Director, Campus Naturalis GmbH

Silvia Kadolsky (Deputy Chairman)

Founder of the Esmod Berlin University of Art and Fashion

Bleyer_WebsiteProf. Dr. Bernhard Bleyer

Director of the Institute for Sustainability in Technology and Economics, Hochschule Amberg-Weigen

Patrick Hohmann

Founder of the Biotextilepioneers Remei and Member of the foundation council of the bioRe foundation

Vivek Batra

Managing Director hessnatur GmbH


Foundation Purpose

The purpose of the foundation is the research and the development of applied sustainability. This purpose applies itself to the following non-profit fields of activity.

  • Research and Development of applied Sustainability
  • Promotion of the Science and Research
  • Environmental protection, ecology, diversity of species, biodiversity
  • Human- and Environmental toxicology
  • Sustainability management
  • Promotion of collaborative development
  • Improvement of Working conditions ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work
  • Training, Awareness Raising, and Communication on Sustainability
  • Consumer Advice and Consumer Protection

Our annual report

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Our partners & memberships

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